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If we don't know our roots, we don't know ourselves. This is why we created this itinerary. Because we know that there are unexplored places, which are part of our heritage, that would otherwise not have been seen or explored. Our responsibility is to grant them some appreciation. Because Heritage is a part of all of us. Therefore, when we thought about Heritage, we thought about the weight of responsibility, about the message entrusted to us last and about the message that we are going to pass on. But, more than messages, Heritage will also one day become that which we do. Within this multiple day experience, we will attempt to show you that what has never been seen before. To rediscover what is known, but in another way. To review what we have already seen from other angles. For some, a complete discovery; for others, a refreshing rediscovery.

The HERITAGE ROUTE should be recognized as a journey. Not just a simple route. It's one of those trips in which the senses are focused on the journey and not on the destination. Especially so due to the fact that there are quite a few destinations. It's one of those trips that will completely revive your memory. Because here, feelings are everything. The air, the scents, the food, the landscapes, the state of mind and even time itself will all merge into one and peacefully coexist.
We will discover another Costa Vicentina of the Alentejo Coast and walk through the Algarve mountain range. Experience Alqueva and nature in its raw state. And going uphill, with a completely different landscape, we head to Serra da Estrela, the highest point of mainland Portugal. Ultimately a stroll through Coimbra, the city that "is most enchanting at the moment of farewell". Afterwards we head back to Lisbon. During these 1000 km we will discover many little experiences within the experience. Every part of our trip delivers moments of pure pleasure. New tasting experiences, specially chosen way-points and lots of comfort and safety. This includes the friendliness and good-will that we offer to our "travelers" so that the experience can be truly memorable.

Duration of the itinerary always depends on each client's choice. The experience described above is just an example that can be extended to other regions and destinations. Hotels shall always be chosen by the client and it is their responsibility to book all arrangements. At THE SELECTOR, we are committed to supplying the best trajectory and visiting solution in accordance with the client's profile. Let's go?

(Price per person and per day, we can provide hikes, bike riding and climbing activities)

Price: 250.00€ p/ person

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