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The Peaks of Arrábida

A hiking track recognized by ICNF, owners of the brand "NATURAL.PT" the "Peaks os Arrábida" are the three highest points of "Arrábida". Each with their identity, history, very unique biodiversity, can provide us with unique sensations.

This activity may be accomplished in several ways:
- Hiking each of the tops (one per day).
- Hiking the three tops in one day with connections made with support car.
- Two-day walk (about 40km passing the three tops).

The Arrábida Natural Park (16.521 ha) is located on a small limestone massif which falls towards the sea in large cliffs - the Píncaro, on the top of Risco Mountain is 400m high - suggesting a wall before the Atlantic dotted with small coves and hiding small patches of sand. The vegetable cover is characterized by the presence of Mediterranean flower associations of which we highlight the maquis - sub-woods of the ancient forest - and the garrigue - low shrubland - which represent a relevant botanical set. On the south facing sheltered slopes it acquires an arboreal aspect creating the woods - Vidal, Solitário, Mata Coberta. Numerous and varied aquatic fauna and flora hide in the adjacent Marine Reserve. The human occupation is confirmed through pre-historical remains, the seductive Arrábida convent, plantations and popular and erudite architecture assemblies. Azeitão's Cheese, Setúbal's moscatel and Arrábida's honey are just a few of the flavours this mountain has to offer. Beautiful views of the sea and a small cove taken right out of a postcard, the Portinho, complete a painting of great landscape value. (In NATURAL.PT)

The activity price will depend on the option chosen.

Price: 120.00€ p/ person

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