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Castle Windmill and Wine (also available on virtual tour)

In a 3 hour journey, we start with a guided tour to the castle of Palmela, descend through the historical center of the village to the lush windmills where we can see its interior and all the mechanism in operation, a passage through the Quinta do Piloto for a visit guided tour and a wine tasting help you gain strength to return to the castle.

The virtual visits are made in "live streaming" through social networks or any other platform (in private for the client). The scope of the visit can fit into an exploratory scope for tour operators, culture / history for schools, or merely playful and generic for other audiences. Price on request.

Price: 85.00€ p/ person

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Phone (+351) 211 816 336
Cell. (+351) 915 356 104

Address [See map]

Castelo de Palmela, Loja 1
2950-221 Palmela
Setúbal, Portugal

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