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There is a lot to say about our land. This is a magical place filled with lovely people that put their hearth and soul in each product, experience, or in a simple day-to-day talk. The Selector Store was created to fulfill the gap between this people, their products and the visitors that seak for a little bit of this particular energy. If you love life visit Arrábida, stay in Palmela and drop by our store for a little while. You will be surprised with everything that we have to offer you.


Quinta do Piloto

Giving the taste of the essence of Palmela, wines at its best is the promise of Quinta do Piloto. A promise based on the excellence of the terroirs where the old vineyards of traditional castes, such as Castelão and Moscatel, shine. Vinified by the ancestral methods of the region, thanks to the knowledge of four generations of the Cardoso family, Quinta do Piloto wines are elegant, exponent of the native grape varieties and small quantities of grape varieties chosen for excellence.


Salinas do Samouco

In 1994 the Portuguese State chose the Montijo-Sacavém corridor for the construction of the second crossing on the Tagus river in Lisbon, whose route of the bridge crossed the salt marshes of Samouco. As a measure of environmental minimization associated with the construction and operation of the Vasco da Gama Bridge, 360 ha of Samouco saltworks were expropriated with the purpose of creating a protected area for nature conservation.


Arrábida Beer Company

The Arrábida Beer Company is a family-owned brewery located in the Arrábida Natural Park, where it is inspired by the beauty and nature of the environment to create a new species of beers based on traditional recipes: Red Fox (smart ale), Chestnut clever pilsner), slow wheat and porter spirit, as well as a special edition, ABC Petisca, with thyme flavor. Born in 2014 by the hands of an Austrian brewery master, it stands out for the strong color and the intense flavor of its beers, and the sealed bottle bottles where they are marketed, being produced from artisan methods and with natural ingredients for a flavor 100% Genuine.


Vale de Barris

As a result of a very special relationship with nature, the motivation to produce "Produtos com Alma" is related to the fact that this project represents the lifestyle of this family. By controlling the agricultural production, with methods that guarantee the maximum authenticity of the products, the process respects the plants and the sustainability of the environment. Starting from this raw material, created from traditional recipes, in its own factory, with the most modern technology, the result is always exclusive and of superior quality.


Terra Viva

Our passion is to make innovative and natural soaps, bath products, aromatherapy and creams for the active maintenance of the skin.
Our commitment is to produce the best product possible, but not at the expense of Mother Nature. That's why the ingredients we use are biodegradable. There is no waste in our manufacturing process.
All our products are handmade and require little water and electricity. Protecting and preserving our skin, the largest organ of our body, is our priority. This is consistent with the protection and preservation of our environment.

Canned Fish


A project that intends to recover the long tradition in the Bay of Rio Arade, in the manufacture of Canned Fish. In our production we give great importance to the choice of ingredients, we believe that in order to create excellent products, we must use high quality products! That's why our ingredients are all bought from local producers, where we can select the best products while contributing to the use of sustainable fishing and farming gear. In order to achieve an authentic product, we believe that the best way is to use handmade methods! The result is an authentic and really tasty product!

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