The THE SELECTOR project was created because we believe that good experiences are what drive peoples' lives. These represent the present, the future and all of our existence. Discovering the essence of each experience is what we offer from the beginning of every trip. We are the curators of experiences in which people exist. Experiences endowed with professionalism, dedication and honesty. To share something that represents us, with a unique vision, and to provide great experiences to those who seek our efforts, is all about what we do.

We never lose our focus.

THE SELECTOR is available in all of mainland Portugal, offering experiences in which comfort and charm are always present. This is why we say that our destinations are similar to others', but different in every way. And it is because we defend this difference that we try to study and deepen the knowledge about our experiences, and constantly improve on them, every single day. And it is also because we appreciate the curiosity of those who seek us out, that we try to match their curiosity by exploring the element of surprise within our own experiences, so that those who accompany us feel the same things we do. Every experience is unique.
The luxury of a tour or an experience can be as simple as having the privilege of being in contact with the simplest of traditions, or having the chance to hear in the first person the stories that remain in our memory.

Always by your side.

At THE SELECTOR, we are always active. But we are always available. Online, offline, over here and over there. We've noticed that being close by is something that our clients really appreciate. We know above all that, when presenting an experience for any client, it is important that they be able to count on us. This is why we are always available. By telephone, email, digital media. Shall we go for a walk?

We believe that good experiences are what drive peoples' lives.



Phone (+351) 211 816 336
Cell. (+351) 915 356 104

Address [See map]

Castelo de Palmela, Loja 1
2950-221 Palmela
Setúbal, Portugal

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